Do something good for yourself so you can be a force for good in the world.

Wonderfruit’s home for healing and wellness, the Wonder Garden is a sacred space, home to peaceful and energetically balanced destinations.
Here you can explore shamanic traditions and ancient methods to realign and reconnect.
Get expert guidance and advice or enter our dedicated zone for cutting edge treatments, therapies and sessions that combine science with well-being.
Across The Fields, discover ways to reset your pace with exhilarating, pulse-raising activities and find celebration in the re-calibration.
“Activities to awaken the body, from having a gong bath to yoga and martial arts.”
Buro 24/7


Our ethos: what we believe and how we live it
Check out our mission statement, upgraded and evolved again for this year.
12 things you might not know about Wonderfruit
Underpinning all the fun is an ethos of sustainability and community; here are 12 ways we demonstrate it.
Accommodation at Wonderfruit
Your definitive guide to everything you need to know about staying at Wonderfruit.
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